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Video Repost: What Kind of Song Would Customers Write About Your Company?

Posted by QuickBizBreak on March 31, 2010

If a typical customer of yours were to write a song about your company, what kind of song would it be?  Positive? Negative? Funny? Sad?

Assuming that it would be positive, would any of your customers love your company, products or service so much that they would actually follow through and write it…and record it…and post it on YouTube?

The video here is part of a comedy routine, but think about it seriously for a moment.  What would your customers be willing to do to promote your company or your products?  Would they spread the word to their friends?  Would they act as a referral?  Would they submit an on-line testimonial?  Would they promote your business at all?

Perhaps the bigger question is, what are you doing to deliver the kind of products and service that would make a customer want to do extraordinary things to promote your company?

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One Response to “Video Repost: What Kind of Song Would Customers Write About Your Company?”

  1. ahlwp said

    Great video and even greater point.


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