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Do you know who you’re dealing with?

Posted by QuickBizBreak on June 21, 2011

Admittedly, this comment could apply to a lot of situations. For example, are you dealing with the decision-maker?  Have you developed a relationship with the person you’re doing business with to really know what is important to them?  How well do you know the person you are about to become business partners with?  Is this person ethical?  How will they act if cornered into a bad situation?  What kind of business is this I’m about to go work for and do I want to be associated with them?  Certainly you want to know the answers to these questions before getting too deep into a business relationship.

I learned this the hard way recently when appearing as an extra on a new TNT cable network show.  No, I’m not an aspiring actor.  I have neither the looks nor the talent to pull that off.  Once a year or so, I sign on as an extra for some film project for a day.  Kind of like taking the day off to play golf except I get paid instead of paying to play.  Unfortunately, the pay is about what it would cost to play a round or two of golf so it’s a terrible trade-off from my real career.

A few weeks ago, I was on the set of the remake of The Three Stooges.  Not exactly an intellectual film but if the actors can pull off the slapstick, it might actually work.  No big part – a pedestrian on a downtown Atlanta street who almost gets knocked over by the Stooges and also a driver when they run into the street from a park.  Stunt doubles and drivers were used for the close-in work.  Guess they didn’t trust me to not run over someone – a safe bet.

Ironically enough, the Stooges shoot was the same week that the premier episode of Franklin & Bash was shown on TNT, a project from last summer.  Unfortunately, none of us knew what Franklin & Bash was about when it was filmed except it as a ‘buddy lawyer’ show.  Not very descriptive.  Our scene was a stockholders party in an airport hanger…all day…in the heat.  Everything looked good until two to three weeks prior to the premier when I started seeing the promos.  Ouch!  This was locker-room humor at it’s worst!  Example: a woman takes off her blouse while on the witness stand to show how easily someone could be distracted by a street side video commercial that showed cleavage.  Then when my family watched the show, one of the lead characters hops out of a hot tub and stands completely nude while talking with his assistant.  Fortunately a rear shot, but still, this was going to be a bit hairy to explain to my fellow choir members at church (no pun intended).


I’m not trying to be fuddy-duddy (whatever that is).  Extras don’t get to ask a lot of questions because they are fairly irrelevant and if one were to ask if there is anything potentially offensive in a production – unfortunately, I think we already know the answer.  The point is, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.  It can be much, much later when you learn that the project you are/were involved in wasn’t of the highest caliber, the work was shoddy, the CEO was less than honorable, your partner was a crook, has a raging personality when under stress or that you simply got yourself into an embarrassing situation.  In hindsight, it could have been much worse.

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