QuickBizBreak by david weaver

Take a quick break from your biz to ponder new ideas and strategies that will turbocharge your business.


JESH7201Offering a quick break from your business day, QuickBizBreak.com is designed to challenge the thinking of business owners by providing thoughts and questions around core business practices.  QuickBizBreak Videos offer insights into successful business practices from your peers – business owners who are highly successful and are willing to share their wisdom regarding the business principles that have helped shape their success.

QuickBizBreak.com is authored by David Weaver.  A 30-year veteran of start-ups and corporate entities, David has helped companies and divisions reach their full potential while planning exit strategies for their owners.

David is also a keynote speaker for business groups of all sizes, engaging and challenging his audiences to live more, grow more and to realize their ultimate vision for themselves.  David may be reached through this blog or at The Weaver Group at 678-620-3990.

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