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What Are Your Challenges in Todays Economic Environment?

Posted by QuickBizBreak on September 16, 2010

How do I plan for the future when I don’t know what the future holds? How can I best identify and attract good customers? Is social media really the way to go? What are my options? When I do grow, how do I fund that growth? How are current and future tax laws going to affect my business? Are there legal issues I need to be aware of?

So many questions – where do I go for answers from qualified experts? Glad you asked – keep reading!

Getting Answers

I don’t want to attend a bunch of seminars!

We understand. That’s why we assembled the best advisors from different specializations who can answer those questions and challenge you to ask even more of yourself and your business.

Intoducing The Georgia Business Resource Alliance

On Tuesday, September 28th, you will have the opportunity to tap the minds of specialized advisors to answer your most pressing questions about handling business in the current economic environment!

From 11am-3pm, the Georgia Business Resource Alliance is hosting an elite group of advisors who will address critical business issues. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get answers to your important questions all in one place!

Maggiano’s Lunch

You received an audio message. Click here to play it.

Did I mention that for your incredibly small entry fee, you also get to enjoy Maggiano’s Buckhead 5-Star all-you-can-eat lunch? That’s worth the price of admission alone!

Topics and Speakers

Legal Issues You Need to Know for Small Businesses – Mark deAndre, deAndrade Callahan, LLC

Identifying, Attracting and Retaining Your Best CustomersDave Banko, President of Loyalty Marketing Solutions

Harnessing the Power of the Social Media Sphere – Emma Loggins, LNP Studios

Developing a Business Plan for Success – David Weaver, Managing Partner, The Weaver Group

Investment Strategies in an Ever-Changing Economic Environment – Darryl Dyche, CFP, Compass Financial Services

How Tax Laws Are Affecting Businesses – Ben Loggins, CPA, Loggins & Associates

Small Business Challenges in Today’s Banking Environment – Billy Lovett, Co-Founder, One Georgia Bank

Learn more about our speakers and topics here.


Pre-Event Registation Only $35

Limited Seating – Order Now!

Each advisor can only admit 20 attendees and I’d love to see you there. But….this newsletter went out to hundreds of contacts in metro Atlanta, so please, order now to ensure your seat!

Click here for ordering info.

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Posted by QuickBizBreak on August 17, 2010

Some of you may follow Scott Ginsberg, otherwise known as ‘That Guy with the Nametag’.  If not, you can learn about him in the link included later in this post.  Today, he posted about his new book titled, “-able”.   It’s a common suffix which, when added to a word, means “capable of or worthy of” according to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary.

Scott’s post got me thinking about what we really are capable of when we put our mind to certain tasks and goals.  Many of us are stymied, however, thinking we are incapable of controlling our own destiny.  Scott has a great theory about this, calling it his ‘theory of the universe’:

” Which is:  The only thing in life you have control over is yourself.

And that you can’t make anything happen – but you can (greatly) increase the probability of that thing happening …by making yourself more “-able.” “

A friend once told me that you have to make your own luck by being more ‘available’ – putting yourself in the best position to capitalize on opportunities.  While that’s true, Scott is saying it’s not just available, but also a bunch of other -able words such as:

Advanceable. Addictable. Bookable. Brandable. Breakable. Buyable. Buzzable. Callbackable. Checkbookable. Discoverable. Engageable. Googleable. Invokable. Meetable. Nameable. Needable. Non-nextable. Openable. Pursuable. Referable. Requestable. Retweetable. Revisitable. Sellable. Show-Up-Able. Sought-after-able. Spreadable. Successable. Superiorable. Trustable. Unbullshittable. Unequalable. Yessable – all words he addresses in his book.

After reading all these words, and assuming that you become more of what those words try to describe, I believe they can jointly make us more “free-able”, to make up my own ‘-able’ word.  Freeable to accomplish more, to profit more, to enjoy more, to build more, to share more, to gain more of whatever we are trying to accomplish in our business.  And after all, isn’t that really what we strive for in our business?

To learn more about Scott’s book, click here.  To learn more about Scott via his blog, click here.  And if you want to learn how becoming more accountable to yourself and others can help you commit and execute on all those -ables, give me a call at The Weaver Group, 678-620-3990.

By the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m hoping to win a free book from Scott by writing this post.  It looks like a great read though, even if we have to pay for it!

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Do You Love What You Do?

Posted by QuickBizBreak on July 23, 2009

Not HappyDo you work for a living? Or do you live for each new day of opportunity, sharing your passion for what you do?

I know of few people who can honestly say they fit the description in that second sentence. After all, we have to make a living, to feed and provide for ourselves and our family. Many of us took off on an early career, for money or simply because it was what was offered, and have never veered far from the direction it has taken us. It may even be our own business that has us unsatisfied. We may have started a business years ago and have allowed either our business or ourselves to stagnate (or perhaps both).

I was engaged in a conversation this week regarding customer service, or the lack thereof, and thought of the people we come into contact with who appear truly miserable. Maybe it’s their personal life, maybe it’s their position in life, maybe it’s their job, but something really has them singing the blues. Well, not even singing. More like grumbling and snarling. What I realized is that it’s difficult to motivate employees to provide an outstanding customer experience if they’re genuinely unhappy. No training in the world will change that situation.

Equally important, we can’t inspire our employees, our prospects or our customers if our own leadership doesn’t reflect the attitude we want to share with our customers.

Have you ever walked into a shop or restaurant where the owner or employee is genuinely thrilled to talk with you about their product, their service, their business? I love that experience because I know the person I’m talking with is genuinely engaged and passionate about what they are doing. I want to come back and experience that again. I want to spread the word – “Hey, there’s someone here who is really excited about their business!”

If you’ve “lost that lovin’ feeling” for your business, is it possible that you’ve lost the excitement about where that business is taking you? Here are some steps to consider:

1) Ask yourself why you started or purchased a business in the first place.
2) What was your original goal with the business?
3) Do you still have the same goal or has it changed?
4) Does that goal for your business support your personal goals for income, your lifestyle, wealth and equity?
5) If not, adjust your business goals to provide what you really want, whether it’s more revenue and profits or even if it’s to spend less time in the business.
6) Now, create a plan for your business that will allow it perform to your expectations. It may mean new strategies, new products, new markets or simply focusing on the key activities that are necessary to ensure peak performance. Not sure how?
7) Get a coach. If it works for a world-class athlete like Tiger Woods, it can work for a world-class business owner like you!

David Weaver


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