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The Power of Process in Driving Sales Results

Posted by QuickBizBreak on April 21, 2010

What role does process play in planning and executing for success? I’ve been known to shoot from the hip at times and when I do, it tends to get me in trouble.  There is a lot to be said for having a defined process for much of your business.

We’re taking a much closer look at that topic in an upcoming webinar titled “Using the Power of Process to Increase Your Sales”.  While the subject is centered around sales it hits on several areas of process, including planning, marketing and negotiation.  What does negotiation have to do with increasing sales?  All it takes is to be on the ‘losing side’ of a negotiation with a client, a prospect or a vendor to understand the importance of negotiating skills.  Bruce Hoelzen with Sales Effectiveness, a negotiation and sales training specialist with a history of training IBM’s best, will give us some quick tips on following a process for winning negotiations at any level.

And what about marketing? There is a proven process and Tara Lamboley with Intergrated MARCOM will introduce us to the power of that process in managing campaigns and touch points. She will share a secret that 90% of your competitors don’t even know about that will blow you away!

No process will work without proper planning.  I’ve worked with many businesses that have good intentions but no defined plan, much less a process, to accomplish their goals. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a GPS where you could plug in your destination and then follow directions to your goals?  There is and I’ll show you where to find it and how to use it.

Join us on May 5th at 11am for this information-packed webinar – “Using the Power of Process to Increase Your Sales” – to find out how and when to utilize process to improve sales results. This one hour can change the way you do business!

Click here to register today.

To your success,

David Weaver

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